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<h1>Integrated Geographic Information System - Tool Kit</h1>
<p>The current status is "work in progress" and prototype.</p> 
<img src="http://n-kov.com/share/igisui.png" alt="IGIS UI" />
<p>Collection of GIS tools and libs related to the following tasks:</p>
<li>OSM Data Processing and data conversion,
<li>Data Quality Assessment,
<li>Spatial Data Fusion,
<li>(3D) Generalization...
<p>Prospectively, IGIS.TK can be utilized as either a general-purpose GIS application or advanced GIS programming environment</p>
<h2>Motivation and Aims</h2>
<p>IGIS.TK would provide and command-line and GUI environment for quick prototyping and professional development of GIS applications and conducting geoprocessing. The environment itself will be utilized to build a highly pluggable end extendable general-purpose GIS application, like QGIS or ArcView3.2.</p>
<p>Most of the current GIS solutions are based on Python environment. IGIS.TK would mainly use Tcl/Tk programming language offering the following benefits:</p>
<li>As <a href="https://wiki.tcl-lang.org/page/everything+is+a+string">
everything is a string</a>, in Tcl, the code can be considered as data and vise versa (e.g., the code can be sent through an open socket to be executed remotely). Thus, there are no data type and almost no predefined constructions. The behavior of any construction could be easily modified.</li>
<li>Tcl is one of the best glue languages; it is quite trivial to utilize any libraries written in C, C++, Java, and, even, Python.</li>
<li>Threads extension is very straight forward and clear, in contrast to other languages</li>
<li>The concepts of interpreters and, especially, safe interpreters give us amazing benefits, unreachable with other solutions</li>
<li>Tk GUI library  is one of the greatest advantages of Tcl. Now, it is even running on Android with Androwish. Tk-based Tkinter is a still unreplaceable solution for many applications.</li>
<li>Tcl is probably the best in metaprogramming and event-based programming</li>
<li>For sure, it is the most flexible programming language</li>

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