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Page Name:IGIS.TK
Date: 2019-07-25 10:13:50
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Integrated Geographic Information System - Tool Kit

The current status is "work in progress" and prototype.


Collection of GIS tools and libs related to the following tasks:

Prospectively, IGIS.TK can be utilized as a general-purpose GIS application or advanced GIS programming environment

Motivation and Aims

IGIS.TK would provide a command-line and GUI environment for quick prototyping and professional development of GIS applications and conducting geoprocessing. The environment itself will be utilized to build a highly pluggable end extendable general-purpose GIS application, like QGIS or ArcView3.2.

Most of the current GIS solutions are based on Python environments. IGIS.TK would mainly use the Tcl/Tk programming language offering the following benefits:


The integrating concept of IGIS.TK is presented in the following figure.

IGIS.TK's integrating environment

The IGIS.TK core consists of a Tcl/TK and a number of Tcl extensions/libraries/applications included in Androwish. The core is tightly integrated (mainly through Tcl bindings) with GIS (Proj.6, GEOS, GDAL/OGR, Spatialite, GRASS GIS) and other libraries and applications (GNUPlot, GraphicsMagick, VTK, OpenCV, MxNet).

IGIS.TK will provide an integrated environment for multiple plugins/widgets. They can be represented in three forms: *.igis.tk - a widget providing GIU, *.igis.tcl or any command-line application - command-line applications, IGIS.TK will automatically make a GUI using its help instructions (using --help or -h dry-runs); instructions must follow/correspond to the IGIS.TK's conventions (to be defined).

Planned Work

Further development steps are as follows:

All generic functionality which can be used in other projects should go to Tiles.CF or other related projects. Only, the IGIS.TK's specific code should resided in this repository.

More Screenshots

IGIS UI Ediror IGIS UI SQLite Manager