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Page Name:IGIS.TK
Date: 2019-07-19 15:18:21
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Integrated Geographic Information System - Tool Kit

The current status is "work in progress" and prototype.


Collection of GIS tools and libs related to the following tasks:

Prospectively, IGIS.TK can be utilized as either a general-purpose GIS application or advanced GIS programming environment

Motivation and Aims

IGIS.TK would provide and command-line and GUI environment for quick prototyping and professional development of GIS applications and conducting geoprocessing. The environment itself will be utilized to build a highly pluggable end extendable general-purpose GIS application, like QGIS or ArcView3.2.

Most of the current GIS solutions are based on Python environment. IGIS.TK would mainly use Tcl/Tk programming language offering the following benefits:


The integrating concept of IGIS.TK is presented in the following figure.

IGIS.TK's integrating environment